“At that moment I knew. I knew the way you know about a good melon.” — When Harry Met Sally


Elizabeth "Lizzy" Ervin is a wedding and editorial photographer. She currently resides in her hometown of Charleston, SC.

Lizzy works intentionally with clients to make meaningful photos that reflect their style, love, creativity, and passion. When she's not taking photos, you'll find Lizzy and Chris (her husband + best friend) and biking around town, hanging out at their favorite local restaurants, the park, or having friends over for dinner.

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A note from Lizzy:

"Making photos for the sake of knowing people and sharing their stories.” This is what I wrote in a journal 5 years ago when I was really trying to discover my “why” for making photos. Why does it matter to me, why should anyone care, why choose this career. This is why. And it’s still why, today. Stories. The real moments that make up who we are and how we move through the world. These things matter, and I want to be there to share them.

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How many hours do we need?

The number of hours you decide has a lot to do with the "style" of wedding you do. I've photographed courthouse weddings with only 2 hours of coverage, and up to 10 hours for the full-day (i.e. getting ready to send off). How you do it is totally up to you. I'm a strong supporter of only documenting what you want to look back on in 5, 10, 50 years. If that means just you and your partner saying your vows and some rad portraits, then 2-3 hours sounds like what you should go for. Or if it means looking back at all the guests, the getting ready with close friends, and that amazing exit - then consider 8+ hours!

Can I see a full gallery of your work?

Of course! Contact us so that we can show you weddings that display a similar timeline, and maybe a similar location to what you might be looking for.

Do you photograph weddings with a second photographer?

For longer weddings (8+ hours) my husband Chris will join me as a second photographer. For weddings that are less than 8 hours, you can choose to hire a second photographer. I feel fully confident to tackle most weddings under 8 hours, solo.

What is your turnaround time?

6 weeks for weddings, 3 weeks for portrait or engagement sessions :)

What is your approach to photographing a wedding?

When I'm documenting a wedding day, I want your wedding photos to look like how it felt to be there on that day. I put myself in the shoes of a close friend, who’s actually experiencing the day alongside you, not a disconnected viewer. I'll also be there to make you laugh, and help you relax, if you need to. And most importantly, I'm there to celebrate the day with you! Which means I will definitely be dancing (camera in hand) once the reception music starts :)

How much does wedding coverage cost?

5 hours of wedding coverage starts at $2700.

If you're looking for something smaller (elopements and small ceremonies), contact us. We would love to customize a package that fits you and your partner perfectly.

How do we book?

A 50% retainer is required with a signed contract to hold your date.

How will we receive the photographs?

You will receive a personalized online gallery, with high resolution, downloadable images with printing rights. These images can be shared amongst friends and family, and printed through the printing service of your choice. We do this so that you can find the print provider that gives exactly what you want, and you don't have to jump through hoops or hidden fees.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! We are always looking for the excuse :)

Where are you based?

In my hometown of Charleston, SC.

How would you describe your style?

Fun, natural, classic. <3

Do you only photograph weddings?

No - weddings are awesome but they're not all we do. We've had the privilege working with a variety of individuals and brands doing portrait and editorial work. Our clients range from artists to magazines, to chefs. who include the likes of J.Stark, Raven Roxanne, Charleston Wine + Food, Vie Magazine, and Alabama Chanin.

Please contact Elizabeth Ervin if you have a project in mind! We would love to talk more.

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