Elizabeth Ervin

Elizabeth Ervin celebrates the fun, simple, honest, moments in life. She makes art for the sake of connecting to people and sharing their stories.


Elizabeth "Lizzy" Ervin is a photographer based in her hometown of Charleston, SC.

Her work helps share love-stories of couples on their wedding day, as well as the stories of individuals, brands, and businesses. 

In the downtime, Lizzy and Chris (husband, pictured) enjoy hanging out with friends, dreaming about opening Bar Rollins, and taking walks around the neighborhood. 

Their favorite places to spend time are on their porch, Baba's on Cannon, Hampton Park, and Monarch Wine Merchants. 


Lizzy works with intention. She makes meaningful photos that reflect her clients’ style, love, creativity, and passion. Lizzy draws her ideas from the many things that excite her—from both the past and present. 

Her images are playful, natural, and honest.

Clients include: 

Over 75 couples, photographed on their wedding day :)

Babas, J.StarkRaven Roxanne, Monarch Wine MerchantsJane Pope JewelryForbesLadies Wine + Design, Charleston Magazine, Vie Magazine, NonDisclosure Apparel, Tall Trees Music, Red Clay, New York Times


Contact Lizzy to schedule a meeting, or to learn more about pricing and services. 

Email elizabeth@elizabethervin.com or use the form here.

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