East Fork + Playtime

Our East Fork pieces have been getting a lot of love these days… These simple things make us happy and feel cozy, and because of that, I’ll go out of my way to wash The Mug or Everyday Bowl rather than use something else in the cabinet.
Mornings start with Chris making coffee and heating up the mugs… Following with breakfast, the breakfast bowl gets used for steel cut oats or tamago kake gohan (TKG). In the afternoon, we’re splitting a batch of popcorn between two everyday bowls. Come the evening, you may or may not find wine in the mugs during our late evening walk. And if we’re lucky, we’ve picked up some fresh fish and are tossing back ceviche straight out of the weeknight serving bowl. These are the things that bring us joy. Thanks @eastforkpottery for being a part of our quarantine routine.



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