Studio Sontosis x Elizabeth Ervin

I’m excited to share these photos! 

Sonny is an incredibly talented friend who is behind the ceramics line, Studio Sontosis. His website is worth the visit to read more about his philosophy on making things, and his process. I love his pieces for their ease of use, playfulness, and texture. 

During this shoot, Sonny and I talked about the strangeness of going out on your own and daring to make something that comes from your heart / mind, and how limited (for good reason) that has been with Covid-19 in our midst. We made these images in an effort to keep our own creative spirits up, and I believe we did that. 

So thanks for being here. We are excited to make things, even if it means wearing a mask through a creative session. We’ll do our best to take this life one. day. at. a. time. 

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