France Pt. I Alsace


Our travels in France during September of 2021 were wild and wonderful. Granted, Covid was still very much a factor of traveling anywhere, but September felt like the “lightest” version of Covid-19 related travel we could’ve hoped for. Either way, we did it, and walked away with truly some of the best experiences of our lives. In the areas of food, community, humankind, and wine, I’ve never learned so much. 

For some context, the first trip we took to the city of Paris is 2019 was the catalyst for what would become Bar Rollins. By the time we left for France this time, we had held 5 pop-ups, found a space for the bar and were negotiating a lease.

I look back at this trip as being the one that made Bar Rollins something that belonged to us rather than a replica of something we once knew. 

During this trip, we received the immense privilege of knowing and watching people move around in spaces that were incredibly special to them. And since things were actually taking shape with BR back home, it was a real study for us to understand how to do the same. How does one create a space that feels like their home? What are the words best used when someone is curious about wine, but doesn’t really know how to ask questions? Who is having the most fun and how do we do that?? 

There were, of course, aesthetic take-aways. But more than that, we came together with people over glasses of wine, and talked about all these things. 

We reunited with our first friend-love, Joss, who showed us the impact you can have on someone by unabashedly celebrating when your friends walked into the bar. We met Chloe and Issac, who taught us a lesson in relationships, being that Chloe works nights and weekends and Issac works corporate hours, yet still comes to hang out at the bar every night.

We met Hervé - oh Hervé - who taught us the importance of not sacrificing your integrity for the sake of popular opinion. (This man will speak truly candidly about the poison that is involved in most viticulture, and will not put up with it. He serves only poison free wines ;)

We met Meriam at the Christien Binner estate who is making her own juices from apples and other crops that co-exists among grape vines, and is passionate about teaching younger generations about farming, cultivating, and harvesting grapes. 

We met Catherine Riss who is one of the winemakers we had the privilege of meeting and photographing for Pipette Magazine during our trip. Getting to witness her strength and relentlessness for a perfect product was incredible. 

Of the other folks we met - they deserve another post with fresh photos. We’ll get to you soon Tom, Guy at Liquiderie, and Olive :) 



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