Our Trip to Copenhagen

We fell in love with Copenhagen so hard it hurt to leave. People were so incredibly kind and HAPPY it blew us away. We stayed in the Norrebro area, and blissed out on bikes rides to and from La Banchina, Lille, Roder + Vin, and Pompette. And it’s worth mentioning - we had our brains and mouths abducted by Noma and then returned to us totally transformed. It was wild, and annoyingly beautiful - I mean that affectionately. Noma, you changed how I will forever see food and the world we live in. And to you Copenhagen, you’re just great. ILYSM.  

One of my favorite travel memories exists in the time between these photos. Chris and I saw people swimming in the water at La Banchina and got so envious that we biked to the nearest H&M, got swimsuits, and joined. It was a LITTLE CHILLY but luckily, the restaurant keeps tools to build your own fire in their several fire pits on-site. We stoked a fire, drank our wine, and realized that life could not have gotten any better in that moment. It was perfect. 

These last few images were taken at Roder + Vin and I think Chris briefly saw his entire future flash before him while we were sitting there. The incredibly kind and jovial owner, Solfin, opened up bottle after beautiful bottle and shared this space that he’s made feel like home for everyone. And more, while we sharing wine + stories, we encountered the makers of Frukstereo - a culty fruit cider that is passionately following the footsteps of natural winemakers. We have since had the privilege of featuring a few Frukstereo products on Bar Rollins pop-up menus, and will continue to show looove to them with our retail program. Bar Rollins loves Roder + Vin <3 

- Lizzy

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