J.Stark FW21

Elizabeth Ervin had the honor of teaming up with our friends at J.Stark for another Fall / Winter Photoshoot.
For this one, we ventured to our neighborhood basketball courts for some playful messing-around. Next day, we headed out to Folly Beach where we skateboarded, rented bikes (shout out to Folly Beach Bike Rentals for lending us those bikes for a quick ride) and played around on a friend’s old Bronco.
I’m thrilled with how these turned out, and with how many different scenarios we crammed into two sessions. Thank you Desmond, Jarrid, Ryle, and Dennis for your talent and playfulness.

Hedley & Bennett

Hedley & Bennett joined Elizabeth Ervin and friends around the table for this outdoor feast. 

Bobbie’s dad caught red snapper and clams, we devoured boiled peanuts in between shots, and singed our knuckle hairs on the grill. It was the perfect way to show off Hedley & Bennett aprons and celebrate summer in the lowcountry. 

In addition to our al fresco dining experience (which we properly enjoyed after setting the cameras down), Elizabeth Ervin visited Leon’s and The Post House to check out how they wear Hedley & Bennett. 

We loved making these photos with the Hedley & Bennett team, and hope you enjoy them as well (P.S. don’t miss the Super 8 video at the end!) 




Panty Drop SS21

WEVE ARRIVED. Hahah. Kidding, but it certainly felt that way when we received the go ahead from Panty Drop to do the shoot for their Spring / Summer 21 collection. I’m so proud of these images and everything that they mean. All bodies are beautiful, and every person carries a unique beauty that is meant to be celebrated. I believe these photos are a part of that inclusivity and celebration that I hope carries through all the images we make.

These images were produced, directed, and photographed by myself, Lizzy Rollins. 

Photo assistant: Christopher Rollins 

Talent: Brynn Plummer, Kieren Lewis, Darius Smith, Glennon Wagner, and Katie Fender-Davis. 

Hair and Makeup: Shadows + Sheers

Props: SVBN Thrifted

Hand-dyed backdrops: Tinted Saga

For Film: 

35mm + 120mm Developing: Indie Film Lab

8mm Developing: Pro8mm 

I hope you enjoy these photos. 



Babas / Spring-Summer ‘21

Our favorite place to spend time, beyond the comfort of home, is called Babas. The team at Babas welcomed us into their space to make some photos for a day of service, and these are the images we made. A profound reason to love this place is the level of flex that they tend to go to when given just the faintest hint of permission. From truffles on grilled cheese, to caviar on onion dip, the love is very much alive at Babas. If you love food, this is an affair for you. 

To return the love, we made these images on 35mm + 120mm film (and a little video with our Vivitar 503HD). The result was an awesome collection of images that truly feel like what it is like to sit and enjoy this place. Timeless, delicious, and warm. I love these photos and I’m so happy to share them with you. Cheers to y’all, and to Babas <3 

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