Being able to start a journey with someone through photography has been a really cool part of this job. We started working with Erik and Jess when J.Stark was still a fairly young brand, and now, 3 years later, we’ve seen them grow in exponential ways. Many elements of photography can be pretty fleeting, but the relationships that come out of it are the things that have potential to last. And that’s something that really keeps me going. These photos are a testament to the relationships we’ve gained by working with good people, and being in it for the long haul. Thank you J.Stark <3 

J.Stark FW20 

photo @elizabethervin

asst @christopherjr

talent @kyleighadorno @quinciezari @asiahmae @kingsleypreister

Pansy Co. x Elizabeth Ervin

We had the awesome opportunity to work with Pansy Co. on a shoot we titled “Last Day of Summer”. 

The goal of these images and video was to create something that felt like my own memories of the last days of summer, growing up in the lowcountry. Those days served in part as quality time with girlfriends before being crammed with homework and distractions, and part rally cry for freedom and playfulness before enduring the long wait till the next summer. The last day of summer had to include jumping into the water, staying out past sunset, and breaking some rules. This is our ode to that glorious day. 


Elizabeth Ervin for Pansy Co.  ✨ 

styling - 

Lizzy Ervin @elizabethervin

talent - 

Kay Lewis @lovely_kieren 

Paulina Rodriguez @linarosajewelry

Glennon Wagner @glennonwagner

Quincie Zari @quinciezari

Kyleigh Adorno @kyleighadorno

photo + video asst - 

Christopher Rollins @christopherjr

original music by Christopher Rollins @christopherjr

Tinted Saga x Elizabeth Ervin

Recent work from a project with Tinted Saga

We’re so lucky to get to work with talented people like Eileen. It get’s Chris and I really excited about being in Charleston when we see folks who are filling their business with passion, and letting it spill out into the community. 

We made these images with the help of - 

Wardrobe @tintedsaga

Talent @__lexxie.nicole__ + @marionsquare

Styling @janettewall

Asst @christopher

Thank you for letting us document, and share the work :) xx


Studio Sontosis x Elizabeth Ervin

I’m excited to share these photos! 

Sonny is an incredibly talented friend who is behind the ceramics line, Studio Sontosis. His website is worth the visit to read more about his philosophy on making things, and his process. I love his pieces for their ease of use, playfulness, and texture. 

During this shoot, Sonny and I talked about the strangeness of going out on your own and daring to make something that comes from your heart / mind, and how limited (for good reason) that has been with Covid-19 in our midst. We made these images in an effort to keep our own creative spirits up, and I believe we did that. 

So thanks for being here. We are excited to make things, even if it means wearing a mask through a creative session. We’ll do our best to take this life one. day. at. a. time. 

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