Keely + Poole

An intimate elopement in the back garden of The Parsonage. 

Keely + Poole are two of the many couples who underwent changes to their original weddings plans, and like many alongside them - they made the most of it. In a truly beautiful and elegant way, they put together a ceremony, and we took a walk around the neighborhood for their portraits. 

It was delightfully sweet, and small, and I cannot believe that I got to be a part of it. Thank you K + P for letting me in on such a special moment. 



More Videos

Making art outside the confines of digital photography has given me a lot of joy lately. I made this video on a walk through the neighborhood park, on my iPhone5 SE, on the app 8mm. I’m learning that there is ALWAYS room to get out of my own way; to make something even if it’s not “perfect”, but can still make me happy. This was a sweet reminder of that. 

And thank you, summer, for the crepe myrtles. 

I pray for YELLOW

My prayer today.

Father, I pray to do my creative best. To seek pathways of love, righteousness, peace, and understanding. In how we live and how we create. 

God I pray this community is ignited to unify. To bring our stories to the table and share with one another, to listen, to reach into honesty… to exercise compassion and empathy. Our walls cannot stay up in the force of this quake. A tremor is going through the whole world and we cannot stay asleep.

I pray for YELLOW - reconciliation, honor, clarity, optimism, hope, and joy. 

Pictured: Grace Will Lead Us Home by Jennifer Berry Hawes


To the black people of our community and beyond: I’m so sorry for your pain… the pain you’ve been battling for so long, and the pain incurring now. I recognize that it will never know the depths of what you’re feeling. I will do whatever I can push racism out of my community, to share the stories of black people, and be an encouragement to you. My heart is with you as well as my actions. Sending love, ❤️

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