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Making art outside the confines of digital photography has given me a lot of joy lately. I made this video on a walk through the neighborhood park, on my iPhone5 SE, on the app 8mm. I’m learning that there is ALWAYS room to get out of my own way; to make something even if it’s not “perfect”, but can still make me happy. This was a sweet reminder of that. 

And thank you, summer, for the crepe myrtles. 

I pray for YELLOW

My prayer today.

Father, I pray to do my creative best. To seek pathways of love, righteousness, peace, and understanding. In how we live and how we create. 

God I pray this community is ignited to unify. To bring our stories to the table and share with one another, to listen, to reach into honesty… to exercise compassion and empathy. Our walls cannot stay up in the force of this quake. A tremor is going through the whole world and we cannot stay asleep.

I pray for YELLOW - reconciliation, honor, clarity, optimism, hope, and joy. 

Pictured: Grace Will Lead Us Home by Jennifer Berry Hawes


To the black people of our community and beyond: I’m so sorry for your pain… the pain you’ve been battling for so long, and the pain incurring now. I recognize that it will never know the depths of what you’re feeling. I will do whatever I can push racism out of my community, to share the stories of black people, and be an encouragement to you. My heart is with you as well as my actions. Sending love, ❤️

My Thoughts On Weddings

Thanks for being here. I shared this information on our instagram page (@elizabethervinweddings) but felt the need to share it here as well. 

I wanted to show up and extend a helping hand to the growing need for small-format ceremonies. We are calling these “elopements” but also consider this to include, yet not be limited to: 

destination weddings, dinner-party-vow-readings, backyard weddings, courthouse ceremonies, dive-bar weddings. 

All are equal + beautiful in every way.

During this season, I’ve had the chance to take a close look at Elizabeth Ervin, the business, and ask her what she wants to be when she grows up. And the truth is that this weird state of life has led me right back to the reason why I fell in love with documenting weddings in the first place.

To connect with people, and share their stories.

For a long time now, I’ve felt that the status quo of weddings needed to be broken, especially here in the south. Our culture has shaped an industry standard for weddings that simply doesn’t fit everyone, and I believe that no one can write the rule book on your marriage, much less your wedding day. So I want to make sure you hear me when I say, DO THE WEDDING THAT MAKES SENSE AND FEELS THE BEST TO YOU. 

For Chris and me, that meant saying our vows at the courthouse, and going to eat tacos afterwards. 

Couples who are getting married tomorrow, next month, anytime in the future, are probably having to rethink their original plans. And I want you to know that I encourage you to LEAN IN TO THE WEIRDNESS, and go for it. A wedding is beautiful no matter if it happens in your backyard, at the courthouse, or over a zoom call with your officiant.

Practically speaking, I want it to be abundantly clear that I will cover your wedding for no minimum amount if time. If you only need an hour to document the beginning of your marriage story - then let’s do it. If you want portraits at a safe distance and ceremony coverage, let’s do that too. 

How you choose to celebrate should be totally up to you and your partner, and I’ll be there to document and cheer you on. 

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

- Harry, When Harry Met Sally

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