Tiffany + Jayce | Wedding

Tiffany + Jayce | January 19th 2019

These total-babe-humans invited Chris and I to share their wedding day with them this January and it could not have been more fun. Between the walk from their first look to the ceremony location.. the insanely fun-loving wedding party… and the non-stop dancing after the vows, every part of the day was a reflection of who Tiffany + Jayce are. Which, in our opinion, is what makes for an awesome wedding day. 

We hope you enjoy these photos, as much as we enjoyed making them!! 

Katelin + Bennett | Engagement

Katelin & Bennett met at a summer camp called Camp St. Christopher on Seabrook Island, SC. Where at one point, we all worked together :) It’s an honor and joy to share their engagement and their wedding (this summer!) with them. We walked a few streets downtown to make these portraits. January in Charleston is sometimes the best time to walk these areas that are more often crowded with tourists. This session was a sweet one, enjoy!  

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