My Favorite Things About Weddings

Here’s where I get a little sentimental. Just let me, okay. 

My favorite things about weddings are these things… 

1. There’s always a surprise. I’ve been documenting weddings since 2012, and every time two people come together in matrimony, something catches me totally off guard. I mean this in the best way. 

It’s always something so tender that I’m either in tears or close to it. Like the time a bride’s little sister, who hadn’t spoken a word all day, stood before the crowd during dinner and made the most beautiful speech to the new couple. Or when a couple’s first dance song is Chris and my dinner dancing song, and I’m thinking “How are we the SAME?!”. Or when a father of the groom, who has been distant and moody, comes over to his son after the ceremony and they both just cry together. People will always surprise you, and it’s a truly amazing thing to witness.  

2. It’s been said before, but again, it’s the “jackpot” of documentary photography. Love, kisses, tears, laughter, rain, shine, dancing, fun. It’s all there, and as photographers, we get to bottle it up and show it off. 

3. THERE’S DANCING. I love to dance. Being in a position where my job lets me dance and have fun is so crazy ridiculous to me. I freakin’ love it. 

4. There’s usually kids around, and they are pretty funny to watch during a wedding. A ring bearer picking his nose. A flower girl meltdown. It’s all fun, and it’s also a hoot to photograph. 

5. Marriage rocks. It’s badass. I love it. Sharing life with someone you deeply love is the best thing I’ve ever done, and it gets me so pumped when I get witness two other people doing the same thing! 

Note: If you haven’t noticed - my favorite things have nothing to do with the flowers (although they are great), or the location, the dress, the traditions, the best thing about a wedding - by far - is the fact that it’s about you two, your love, and people celebrating that love with you. However you do it, however many people, whatever your love looks like.  

“If you can give yourself to someone, then you should”.  - Dawes, A Little Bit of Everything

NYC Favorite Moments

Just to name a few… fries at Cervo’s, dancing at Beauty Bar, the walks in between, cocktails at Bar Pisellino, sleepovers with friends, not taking the Met too seriously, citiBike 4 lyfe, ham + cheese croissant from Saraghina <3 Mae + E.C. + Hannah + Natalie XoOxXo

Eating cookies together

A tru believer right here

running into friends in a big city is so sweet!!! Clayton, Hope, and Kirk <3

June Wine Bar

Four Hoursemen

Stephen, at Maison Premiere

Just thoughts, v1

I come back to these photos a lot. The way they feel. The colors, the atmosphere, and the people in them. These are photos I hope to make again and again. Ones where the people are special, the place is sweet, and the feelings are tender. Other types of photos are certainly worth making, but these feel the best to me, and I like how a moment like this - once captured - can bring you back to that place again, and again, and again. I hope that I can always be honest in the stories that I tell, and the images that I make, but for the most part I hope to just make images that make us feel really good. 💖

Kevin Mitchell

Drayton Hall, looking out towards the Ashley River entryway.

Kevin in the storage room of Drayton Hall’s main house. This is where more “costly” goods like liquor and silver would have been stored and locked up.

Standing in the main kitchens for the “big house”. All food preparation and cooking fires were located on the ground level of the house.

Photographed for Charleston Magazine, January Issue. Follow Kevin on Instagram to see what awesome things he is doing for Charleston’s educational culinary scene. 

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