Pansy Co. x Elizabeth Ervin

We had the awesome opportunity to work with Pansy Co. on a shoot we titled “Last Day of Summer”. 

The goal of these images and video was to create something that felt like my own memories of the last days of summer, growing up in the lowcountry. Those days served in part as quality time with girlfriends before being crammed with homework and distractions, and part rally cry for freedom and playfulness before enduring the long wait till the next summer. The last day of summer had to include jumping into the water, staying out past sunset, and breaking some rules. This is our ode to that glorious day. 


Elizabeth Ervin for Pansy Co.  ✨ 

styling - 

Lizzy Ervin @elizabethervin

talent - 

Kay Lewis @lovely_kieren 

Paulina Rodriguez @linarosajewelry

Glennon Wagner @glennonwagner

Quincie Zari @quinciezari

Kyleigh Adorno @kyleighadorno

photo + video asst - 

Christopher Rollins @christopherjr

original music by Christopher Rollins @christopherjr

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