Panty Drop SS21

WEVE ARRIVED. Hahah. Kidding, but it certainly felt that way when we received the go ahead from Panty Drop to do the shoot for their Spring / Summer 21 collection. I’m so proud of these images and everything that they mean. All bodies are beautiful, and every person carries a unique beauty that is meant to be celebrated. I believe these photos are a part of that inclusivity and celebration that I hope carries through all the images we make.

These images were produced, directed, and photographed by myself, Lizzy Rollins. 

Photo assistant: Christopher Rollins 

Talent: Brynn Plummer, Kieren Lewis, Darius Smith, Glennon Wagner, and Katie Fender-Davis. 

Hair and Makeup: Shadows + Sheers

Props: SVBN Thrifted

Hand-dyed backdrops: Tinted Saga

For Film: 

35mm + 120mm Developing: Indie Film Lab

8mm Developing: Pro8mm 

I hope you enjoy these photos. 



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