Project | Raven Roxanne, Tulips

The first set of images you’ll see below, were made during a studio visit in late February. Raven and I were lucky to share these moments together while she was working on her most recent series, ‘Tulips’. A few weeks later, we became aware of the fact that we wouldn’t be able share the same space to make the final photos for the series. She entrusted me with the keys to her studio, and I created this set of images with just myself and the pieces. 

It was humbling to go into the empty studio, which is normally alive with creative energy, laughter, conversations with the other studio members, and simply embrace the situation at large. I couldn’t run from it. And in the quiet that came with making photos by myself, I felt more emotional. I looked at the pieces in a way I don’t normally get the chance to. It was like we all got to talk to each other. 

I want this part of an artist’s story to be told, as novel and strange as it is. Even on the best days, an artist is poised to bend to ways of nature. Whether it be the subject, your own psyche, the climate, or a virus - something will change the outcome you may’ve intended and that’s okay. We keep going because for most of us, art is the through line. It’s the one thing we don’t have the option of not doing, so whatever the circumstances, we will find a way to create. And that’s what we did.

I’m continuously impressed by Raven’s imagination and ability to innovate. Since the start of quarantine, she’s been hosting live IG drawing series every Thursday, which is something that’s brought me and many others a lot of joy. I’m thankful for her trust, and despite the circumstances, we were able to make something beautiful separately, yet together.  

And from the quiet studio… 

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