Project | Red Clay

Chris and I are big fans of front yard grilling. It’s a move we grew fond of when we realized that our backyard is swampy and no fun to hang out in in the summer time. The front yard, however, is perfectly perched, with a stoop, and great visibility for people watching / talking with neighbors. It’s a win win win. We’ve been really living into the front yard lifestyle since quarantine has evolved, and thankfully had the time and resources to make some images and videos for Red Clay while we were at it. Featured in the images is the time we tried to make pizza on the grill (spoiler: it didn’t turn out that great, but you can’t really tell in the photos) - as well as the snack + aperó hour with Abundant Seafood fish collars, and oysters. And my favorite video, which highlights Chris’ and I’s breakfast routine / preferred way to eat eggs :) We had a fun time making these, hope you enjoy! xx


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