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  1. Twelve South | BookBook

    01 Jul 2022

    Hello!!! I’m excited to come at you today with some FRESH FILM IMAGES that I made for Twelve South. Their product BookBook got a little bit of a lift, and our friend, Jai who works with Twelve South, thought it’d be a good idea to bring me on board to…

  2. NYC Favorite Moments

    02 Aug 2019

    Just to name a few… fries at Cervo’s, dancing at Beauty Bar, the walks in between, cocktails at Bar Pisellino, sleepovers with friends, not taking the Met too seriously, citiBike 4 lyfe, ham + cheese croissant from Saraghina <3 Mae + E.C. + Hannah + Natalie XoOxXo Eating cookies together …

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