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  1. Pansy Co. x Elizabeth Ervin

    2020-10-25 15:54:00 UTC

    We had the awesome opportunity to work with Pansy Co. on a shoot we titled “Last Day of Summer”.  The goal of these images and video was to create something that felt like my own memories of the last days of summer, growing up in the lowcountry. Those days served…

  2. NYC Favorite Moments

    2019-08-02 20:21:00 UTC

    Just to name a few… fries at Cervo’s, dancing at Beauty Bar, the walks in between, cocktails at Bar Pisellino, sleepovers with friends, not taking the Met too seriously, citiBike 4 lyfe, ham + cheese croissant from Saraghina <3 Mae + E.C. + Hannah + Natalie XoOxXo Eating cookies together …

  3. Film | Jan + Feb

    2019-03-01 20:37:17 UTC

    Some recent film scans from time around the neighborhood + downtown. <3

  4. Spring 2018 Film

    2018-12-27 15:42:22 UTC

    Some photos from this spring :) All from various lunch dates with Chris, neighborhood walks, a little home baking (shout out to Alison Roman’s cookbook), High Water Festival, a few from Chris with Seaborn Oyster Co, and a really awesome night with friends at Leon’s Oyster Shed.  All of these…

  5. Asheville

    2018-12-27 15:40:23 UTC

    Chris and I took a little weekday trip to Asheville. We stayed at a super cute Airbnb, cook food over a fire, and drank a lot of fun wine and beer. It was a great trip.

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