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  1. France Pt. I Alsace

    2022-06-07 21:52:00 UTC

    LET’S BEGIN!!!!  Our travels in France during September of 2021 were wild and wonderful. Granted, Covid was still very much a factor of traveling anywhere, but September felt like the “lightest” version of Covid-19 related travel we could’ve hoped for. Either way, we did it, and walked away with truly…

  2. From Paris With Love Pt. II - Film

    2019-11-21 14:01:07 UTC

  3. From Paris With Love

    2019-10-17 15:49:00 UTC

    We can’t totally come up with the words to say how this trip was. Perfect? Complete bliss? Is that too much? Maybe it is, but that also feels right. 3 weeks in one city, one apartment, and an endless amount of beauty, magic, delicious food, and insanely good wine. Chris…

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