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  1. Pansy Co. x Elizabeth Ervin

    25 Oct 2020

    We had the awesome opportunity to work with Pansy Co. on a shoot we titled “Last Day of Summer”.  The goal of these images and video was to create something that felt like my own memories of the last days of summer, growing up in the lowcountry. Those days served…

  2. Lenna + Brian

    13 Feb 2020

    L + B exchanged vows quietly in a sitting room at The Governor’s House Inn, among just their parents. With a champagne toast afterwards, and signing of the marriage license, it was perfect. 

  3. Anna + Drew

    18 Aug 2019

    Wingate Plantation | June 2019  Anna and Drew celebrated their marriage with friends and family in the sweet smelling summer. June might be my favorite month (it’s my birthday month!) and it always holds the fullest excitement of summertime. Not too late that you’re anticipating the busy time that always…

  4. NYC Favorite Moments

    02 Aug 2019

    Just to name a few… fries at Cervo’s, dancing at Beauty Bar, the walks in between, cocktails at Bar Pisellino, sleepovers with friends, not taking the Met too seriously, citiBike 4 lyfe, ham + cheese croissant from Saraghina <3 Mae + E.C. + Hannah + Natalie XoOxXo Eating cookies together …

  5. Film | Jan + Feb

    01 Mar 2019

    Some recent film scans from time around the neighborhood + downtown. <3

  6. Amanda + Dan

    24 Feb 2019

  7. Stitch Design Co.

    24 Feb 2019

    Courtney Rowson + Amy Pastre of Stitch Design Co. Two brilliant women, who are excellent at their craft. 

  8. Still Life | Jane Pope Jewelry

    12 Feb 2019

    I had the privilege of working with Jane Pope on these images. We made these with just a few props and colored backdrops, and a little flower bud from the park :) 

  9. Katelin + Bennett | Engagement

    08 Feb 2019

    Katelin & Bennett met at a summer camp called Camp St. Christopher on Seabrook Island, SC. Where at one point, we all worked together :) It’s an honor and joy to share their engagement and their wedding (this summer!) with them. We walked a few streets downtown to make these…

  10. Julia Deckman | Artist

    03 Feb 2019

    Here are a few favorites from working with Julia Deckman recently. Julia is an amazing artist and just delightful to be around. We first met when she asked me to photograph her marriage to Dylan, at the Charleston Courthouse, last January (‘18). It seemed fitting to revisit a year later…

  11. Neighborhood | Winter

    21 Jan 2019

    A few snapshots of our weekend… Chris and I found each other saying multiple times over the weekend, “We live in such a sweet city, this is too good” (Note: these words were repeated much more while eating wings at Rodney Scott’s).  A walk through Hampton Park, hanging out at…

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