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  1. Babas / Spring-Summer ‘21

    12 Apr 2021

    Our favorite place to spend time, beyond the comfort of home, is called Babas. The team at Babas welcomed us into their space to make some photos for a day of service, and these are the images we made. A profound reason to love this place is the level of…

  2. WINTER PROJECTS ‘20-‘21

    18 Mar 2021

    These are a few images from projects we’ve done at home, and around, during the winter months. Luckily, as our friends at Sightsee call it, Charleston has more of a “Cold Summer” than a true “Winter”. And it looks particularly dreamy on our porch, and amidst the golden light that…

  3. Olivia + Jon | Wedding

    20 Jan 2021

    Our friends are married! I photographed the day while Chris poured wine as Bar Rollins :) This was a truly beautiful day and I’m so happy we got to be a part of it! xx Lizzy

  4. We’re Featured!

    14 Dec 2020

    Exciting news! Jess and Robin’s wedding story was published in the @nytimes on Sunday morning with our image featured. We are so stoked to see this love story in print + on the NYT website. Congratulations Jess + Robin ❤️ xx,  Lizzy + Chris

  5. J.STARK FW20

    19 Nov 2020

    Being able to start a journey with someone through photography has been a really cool part of this job. We started working with Erik and Jess when J.Stark was still a fairly young brand, and now, 3 years later, we’ve seen them grow in exponential ways. Many elements of photography…

  6. Tinted Saga x Elizabeth Ervin

    18 Aug 2020

    Recent work from a project with Tinted Saga.  We’re so lucky to get to work with talented people like Eileen. It get’s Chris and I really excited about being in Charleston when we see folks who are filling their business with passion, and letting it spill out into the community.…

  7. Anna + Cameron

    09 Jul 2020

    A little backyard wedding.  The silver lining of these times has been a general re-framing of our priorities and how we measure the value of things. I’m incredibly grateful to know Anna + Cameron, and to see how beautifully they adjusted and went with the flow of our current lives.…

  8. More Videos

    06 Jul 2020

    Making art outside the confines of digital photography has given me a lot of joy lately. I made this video on a walk through the neighborhood park, on my iPhone5 SE, on the app 8mm. I’m learning that there is ALWAYS room to get out of my own way; to…

  9. East Fork + Playtime

    15 May 2020

    Our East Fork pieces have been getting a lot of love these days… These simple things make us happy and feel cozy, and because of that, I’ll go out of my way to wash The Mug or Everyday Bowl rather than use something else in the cabinet.Mornings start with Chris…

  10. Everyday Oil

    13 May 2020

    We’ve taken some time to play and make photos with things we love.  Everyday Oil has been a part of Chris and my daily routine for about a year, since seeing our friends at Sightsee carry it on their shelves.  Once you put it on you never want to not

  11. Winter Beach

    15 Jan 2019

    Always a favorite time to see the ocean. Shot a few images after working on Sullivan’s Island today… enjoy! 

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