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  1. WINTER PROJECTS ‘20-‘21

    18 Mar 2021

    These are a few images from projects we’ve done at home, and around, during the winter months. Luckily, as our friends at Sightsee call it, Charleston has more of a “Cold Summer” than a true “Winter”. And it looks particularly dreamy on our porch, and amidst the golden light that…

  2. Our Holidays

    17 Dec 2019

    Top to bottom:  Our place, planning “Friendsgiving” Walks around the neighborhood Basic Kitchen for La Stoppa Wine Dinner - Chef Evan Gaudreau XBB   Harken  Baba’s Wine + french paté at an undisclosed location  Sightsee Hampton Park Grilling in the front yard <3 friends over for dinner The most wonderful gathering…

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